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At Reuniting Wealth, we are dedicated to helping our clients recover surplus funds resulting from foreclosure. Our team of surplus fund recovery agents take care of the entire claim process, ensuring that our clients receive the funds they are entitled to, with no out of pocket cost. 

What Are Surplus Funds?

You may be wondering what this term means and how you could possibly be owed money on a property you lost to foreclosure. While we are always happy to answer any specific questions you have about this, hopefully our explanation will clear things up.


The property is lost to foreclosure because there is delinquency on payments of money owed on the property, weather it be property taxes owed to the County, or mortgage payments owed to a financial institution.


When the property is foreclosed it goes to auction, the opening bid in the auction is typically the amount that is owed on the property, and as auctions go people start bidding, as more people bid the sale price goes higher and higher until the final bid is accepted. What most people unfortunately do not know is that any amount of money over the opening bid/money owed on the property is entitled to the previous owner (you).

The one caveat to this is that some lien holders are also entitled to apply to claim up to the amount they are owed. sometimes this happens, often times it does not. 

Every Jurisdiction has slightly different rules and application process, but overages and surplus funds are legally entitled to the previous owner nation wide. If you would like to speak with someone about your specific case feel free to book a free consultation Here 

Why Wasn't I Notified?

Every jurisdiction handles things slightly differently, but often times a letter gets mailed out after the sale of the property, called a Notice of Surplus Funds. Most often this letter gets mailed to the address on file, which is the property that was just foreclosed on and sold, so the letter never reaches the intended recipient, the previous owner. The party holding the surplus funds has no incentive to try and find the rightful owner, and that is where Reuniting Wealth and our team recovery agents come in.


In some case we go to great lengths to find the person entitled to the surplus funds. We know how much this money can help people in this situation, and we want to see it get into the hands of the rightful owner. Who couldn't use some extra money? So if you have been contacted by one of our recovery agents thank them for taking the extra mile to find you and get you your money. 

What's The Fee Structure?

The best thing about working with Reuniting Wealth to claim your surplus funds is there are no upfront cost, we work on contingency. We not only handle the claim for you, we cover any expenses incurred through out the claim process, including attorney fees. Not all claims requires an attorney, but the ones that do, we attain one of our attorneys on contingency as well. We intentionally have our business model structured so that if you don't get paid, we don't get paid, that is how committed we are to our clients' results. We charge a small percentage of your claim and get paid that small percentage after your claim comes back. Every claim is unique and this agreed upon percentage does vary slightly based on the factors in your case, but typically it is not more than 35% and often times less. 

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